The Journey of Three Different Doctorates.

The Journey of Three Different Doctorates.

You have read correctly. My educational background includes three different doctoral journeys.

I started my first doctorate journey in the spring of 2016, which was Health and Human Performance. 

The second one is a blur when I started in 2018, which was Health and Human Performance (Leisure).

My third doctorate journey started in the Fall of 2022, which is Health Care Administration (HCA). 


When I finished my Master’s in Fall of 2015 in Health Care Administration. I loved the program so much that I was hoping to find a doctorate program I could enroll in, and I enjoyed Oklahoma State University (OSU) so much, but they did not have a doctorate HCA program at that time. I could have enrolled in another university or opted for an online school, but my preference was to continue my education at OSU. However, I thought discovered a doctorate program I believed would be a suitable match for me. It was the Health and Human Performance. I was so excited. I had to travel to Stillwater, Oklahoma. The classes I had registered for were Research Design in Leisure, Health and Human Performance and Clinical Exercise Test and Prescription. As a first-year student, I acknowledge that I should not have enrolled in these classes; however, it has been a valuable learning experience. On what not to take. Some professors do not have the students’ best interest in mind. Some professors aim to full their class enrollment to avoid class cancelations, which, if the class does not make, it can result in financial losses.

The Research Design in Leisure, Health and Human Performance class showed me that. Not all professors care or can teach. Although my first semester as a doctoral student was challenging, I succeed. It actually empowered me to show myself that I can complete my doctorate. One bad monkey (professor) does not stop my show.



  • Some professors are only in it for the money, and from my experiences, it shows.
  • Don’t let one bad monkey stop your success.
  • Stay empowered! Stay motivated!
  • Just because a professor has a teaching position does not mean that they can teach.
  • It is okay to change your major for a peaceful major. 

Much Love and Gratitude!


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